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With 500+ hours spent tutoring individuals and classes of all levels, we have crafted our courses to be as simplistic and easy to understand as possible.

  • Covers all Topics

    Each course is packed with videos covering every topic, and exam paper solutions

  • Self Paced

    All videos are on-demand, meaning you can jump in and out as you choose.

  • Filled with Quizzes

    We can included quizzes on every chapter so that you can test your knowledge as you navigate through the courses

We Never Stop Learning!

We're a small team but looking forward to welcoming more members on-board

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    Conor Dempsey

    Conor loves maths. Currently undertaking a Masters in Education and teaching in East Cork.


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All About Me

Hi, it's nice to meet you! 🖐 

I'm Conor - I'll be your instructor, tutor and mentor inside the platform. 

I have been tutoring in maths for the past five years and am currently undertaking a Masters in Education after completing my undergrad in Finance in UCC.

I created H1Maths as a way for early-birds and night-owls to do their study on their terms - when and where they want to.

Packed with on-demand videos, exam paper solutions, quizzes and more, I really think you'll like what's in-store.

Conor Dempsey, Founder & Instructor


As a new educational company we are happy to answer any of your questions. Just email [email protected]